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Introducing My New Blog: Etch A Sketch

December 3, 2020.

A weekly, comedy sketch blog. The first edition, Under Explained Facts, is now live. Check it out here! A new comedy sketch will be posted every Friday morning. Please leave feedback and comments. This is a writing exercise to keep me well practiced and I’d love to know how I need to improve. Thanks!

Introducing My New Graphic Novel:

The Fairfolk Were Dead All Along

Coming Soon…

A young, fiery-haired boy sets out on his first adventure. He leaves his small village at dusk and finds strange firefly creatures in the nearby woods. He’ll encounter strange customs and beautiful landmarks on his journey to find himself. The comfort of luxury is always within his grasp but will his individuality be sacrificed for it?

A fairytale about youths’ agency and finding one’s self-hood in the wild word. A tale suited for all ages.

Illustrator: Alondra Lopez

Author: Erin Bounous

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