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The Fairfolk Were Dead All Along

I emerge from my writing cove to proudly present to you my finished project, The Fairfolk Were Dead All Along. This fantasy graphic novel is now available on Amazon and on my Author Page on BookBaby. It’s available as a physical novel and as an ebook.

The Fairfolk Were Dead All Along is a fantasy illustrated graphic novel exploring the themes of agency within children and young adults. The tale is succinct but heavy with metaphors that should have the reader thinking about the societal structures that inhibit children and young adults now. In this fairy tale, there is a boy who takes it upon himself to leave his home town to embark on a journey to find himself. This boy will fall victim to a common trapping of manipulation and subservience and will be at risk of losing his individuality. Free agency is hard to come by in the wild world with forces smart enough to trick you into following them and abandoning your true self. Will the boy recognize these dangers or will he lose himself on his journey?

If you would like a SNEAK PEAK at the book, here is a free pdf copy of the first four pages of the novel.

I hope you enjoy this novel and will stick around for more.

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