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Message Delivered

Upcoming Graphic Novel 2024

I once again emerge from my writing cove to proudly present to you my upcoming project, Message Delivered. I’ve been working on this paranoid fiction graphic novel since 2021 and am finally able to see the finish line. I have finished the script and am working on storyboarding the pages. It took me 53 days just to finish storyboarding the first chapter of which there are 23. I have ideas to speed up my process so that I can publish it this year. Please check out my Instagram for daily sneak peaks and updates on my progress.

Message Delivered is a paranoid fiction graphic novel based on true events with names and likeness changed to protect everyone’s privacy. Willa Poverly, a paranoid loner, finds herself at a tumultuous, emotional crossroad when she stumbles upon some curious information on her ex boyfriend’s streaming account about her best friend, Riley Cahn. She begins to lose herself and her grasp on reality as she tries to hold onto the one friendship she thought she could count on.

I hope you enjoy this novel and will stick around for more.

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