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Based on the well-beloved Nintendo 64 video game Donkey Kong 64, this tabletop roleplay game will utilize a fear scaled, co-operative, deck building mechanic as the procedure for interacting with npcs, for solving puzzles, for combat, and even for roleplay.

What is a fear scaled, co-operative, deck building mechanic?

The Fear Scale determines which side, Fear or Courage, of the double sided deck you will be playing with based on your individual character’s courage level. Only certain actions and abilities will be available to you when you are on the Courage side of the deck and vice versa for the Fear side of the deck.

The Co-Operativity is an ability on each card in a player’s deck to combine a move with another player’s card in their respective deck to create a whole new move when under the correct circumstances.

The Deck Building is a commonly used mechanic for board and card games which involves each player having their own deck of cards which they can alter as they see fit, typically with a store where new cards can be bought to add to their deck.

Our mission for this TTRPG is:

  1. Engaging, fast-paced combat
  2. 0 character stat calculation
  3. Unique, interactive gameplay
  4. Free pdf for download on this website when completed

Please stay tuned for further updates and announcements on this project. Since this is a free project, it is not our primary focus. Its release date is tentative, but we hope to have this project completed by June 2024.

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